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The Elementary Safety Book for Children

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Item: Safety

The Elementary Safety Book for Children should be read with children between the ages of 6 and 10 and is set up as an adult/child activity book with puzzles, games and stories to teach children all the safety basics while they're having fun. It covers a wide range of practical safety tips including what to do if you're at home alone, what to do in case of emergency, safety at home and outside, fire and water safety, poison, electrical, farm and city safety. Drug Facts for Young People, The Elementary Safety Book for Children, The Teenage Survival HandbookGreen Planet For Kids, Sponsored By The RCMP Foundation. We also have a special section on personal safety including dealing with strangers and an identification kit that a child and parent can fill out and keep. The cover of the safety book has pictures of currently missing children and is intended to be removed and used as a poster. Our safety book has been our greatest accomplishment, winning the Alberta Solicitor General's Award for Crime Prevention.  

  • The Elementary Safety Book for Children